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In part one of our PCI Hug it Out podcast series, you heard Mike Dahn speak about his views on PCI and why he’s such a strong proponent of the standard. Part two is where Josh Corman gave his viewpoint on the industry and explain why he is often thought of as an opponent of PCI.

Well this is where we come full circle and finally get these two PCI industry giants together to see if they can agree on something. Surprisingly, they have more in common than anyone originally thought (except Gene Kim). In this final episode you’ll hear both points of view and learn how the community can be united for the good of the entire industry.

There is still one burning question; did these two actually make peace, settle their differences and “hug it out”? You’ll just have to tune in to the latest Network Security Podcast to find out.

Meanwhile, if you need to catch up on the whole back story then go here to learn more about it.

Don’t forget, this was also an opportunity to raise some money for two charities, EFF and Hackers for Charity. So far with Tripwire’s matching contribution we’ve managed to raise more that $2000 for these worthwhile causes. There is still time to contribute; email Matt Hixson with your pledge: or you can pledge on Twitter using the hashtag #PCIhugitout and we will be in contact with you soon.

We would like to sincerely thank both Josh and Mike for agreeing to take part in PCI Hug it Out. They are both great friends to the industry and their efforts are truly appreciated. We would also like to thank Gene Kim and Martin McKeay for their roles in this whole thing. Without Gene’s vision and passion for the industry and Martin’s incredible podcast blog, none of this would be possible.