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Dr. Philip Polstra (@ppolstra) is a Computer Information Systems Professor and Hacker in Residence at University of Dubuque where he teaches computer security and forensics, and he is indisputably one of the brightest minds in the security field.

Polstra’s research focus includes the use of microcontrollers and small embedded computers for forensics and penetration testing, and he is in the process of developing several tools and devices for remote pentesting operations.

What does that entail? Polstra and I spoke at length prior to this interview and he literally bowled me over with his latest innovations and techniques, most of which were so advanced from a non-technical standpoint that they just could not be captured in a brief video chat.

We recommend you go see Polstra at one of the many events like Defcon where he is a regular speaker and presenter in very high demand in order to get a firsthand view of his work as explained by the master himself.

In this interview, Polstra was kind enough to pull up out of the weeds to an elevation that is comfortable for the broadest audience as he explains an overview of digital forensics basics…


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