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Last week at the 2010 RSA Conference Tripwire was the exclusive CoSponsor with RSA for the Codebreakers Bash. This is the party that ends the week and was a GREAT event. It was held at San Francisco City Hall, which was an amazing location. I guess I didn’t realize that city halls could even be on that scale! There were about ten of us from the Tripwire team there – some of us were working the front to give people the chance to win a trip to Hawaii. The rest of us had a chance to enjoy the party. I was busy running around grabbing photos and videos from the bash. You can see the photos we took below and later this week we will be posting videos that show the main hall entertainment as well as a great band called Livewire that performed. If you have photos of the event please leave us a link in the comments section. We would love to see them!