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Although the practice of threat intelligence for many industries is still emerging, the ability to consume and analyze the information relevant to an organization’s industry, environment and brand can prove highly beneficial for any security portfolio.

However, understanding how to consume, analyze and “weed through the noise” of all this data can easily overwhelm IT departments. Additionally, it’s important to remember that the deployment of advanced tools shouldn’t take away from security fundamentals.

In this webinar, Jim O’Conner, CISO at Cargill, explains the two views of threat intelligence and how the critical security controls can fit your business needs while strengthening your organization’s defenses.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding your network’s environment,
  • Establishing baselines appropriate to your organization,
  • Focusing on the outbound and inbound traffic,
  • And extracting the anomalies

O’Conner is responsible for enterprise-wide risk and control strategy, privacy, policies, metrics, change management, identity, cybersecurity and operations related to information technology security at Cargill.



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