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It is clearly time to retire the perimeter-centric approach to security.

Actually it’s hard to believe there was ever a time when data protection could be managed by putting up the equivalent of an electrific fence around the perimeter to keep the bad guys out. Despite large investments in security defenses, the reality is organizations are still finding their systems regularly compromised. 

With insider attacks, data and IT infrastructure living in multiple locations, and data traveling across the Internet, relying on one layer of security at the perimeter is really no longer an option.

Brian Honanrecognized information security expert and European editor for the SANS Institute’s NewsBites discusses his point of view with Tripwire in a webcast entitled, The Security Onion – A Layered Approach to Security.  View it below.

In this webcast, Brian Honan discusses these key areas:

  • The Problem with Defensive Controls Alone – the challenges when organizations focus too much on the defensive controls at their network perimeter in the false belief that this makes it difficult for their systems to be compromised.
  • A Risk-Based, Multi-Layered Approach – how to develop multiple security layers to deal with the current threat landscape and how to ensure each layer can compensate for another should there be a compromise.
  • A Practical Guide to Implementation –  how to secure your corporate assets by implementing a multi-layered approach to security, incorporating the cornerstones of people, process and technology.