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David Spark here reporting for Tripwire at the 2010 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Anton Chuvakin (@anton_chuvakin), is the author of PCI Compliance, and it’s no surprise he happens to know a lot about PCI and log management. I spoke with him for quite a while about PCI issues and piping in from the side was analyst Edward Haletky (@texiwill), who is passionate about the subject of security in the virtualization space. Make sure to watch my video with him on that subject for which Chuvakin pipes in as well, entitled, “How do you secure 14,000 virtual machines on 15 servers?”

But Haletky is not nearly as passionate about PCI. The two of them start harping at each other and if you’re interested in either of these subjects you need to listen to these two guys go at it.

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