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David Spark here reporting for Tripwire at the 2010 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

During the keynote at the RSA Conference 2010, Scott Charney of Microsoft talked about trustworthy computing and end-to-end security. That security is a concern on every layer, not just the PC. I summarized Charney’s presentation in my post, “Security isn’t your company’s issue. It’s a shared responsibility.”

Running into Charney in the hallway at RSA, I stopped him and asked him to elaborate on how security is a shared responsibility for all of us. He said that what’s important is to understand your role in the ecosystem and do what you can in your role to help the ecosystem. I also asked Charney to speak about the fear of exposing a breach and going to the authorities. There are concerns of hackers going after your now publicly exposed vulnerabilities, and there’s also fear of your brand may be damaged. Charney pointed out that the decision may soon be moot as many states have laws requiring organizations to disclose breaches.

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