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As I recovered  from my first experience with RSA last week I could not help but reflect on the spectacle that it was. Part entertainment, part education, and largely excessive, from the forty foot posters on the buildings to the exclusive parties to the show floor menagerie of girls, gimmicks, and gewgaws. For those  who wanted entertainment and trinkets, I hope you found it (and yes to be honest we contributed to this). For those who sought education, my hat is off to you for enduring the crowds and the cacophony of marketing hype. My impression of the show floor messages as a whole was whale songs – lots of indeterminate, repetitive noise.

What struck me just as much though was the people I talked to and overheard. Sincere, dedicated professionals who care deeply about and take pride in their security responsibilities. What I learned from you is that it is better to have products that work as promised (like our award-winning policy management solution), backed by people who care as much as the end users.

For all those who stopped by the Tripwire booth, if you are friends and customers we thank you for your support and business. If you are not a customer we hope to earn your business in the future. As a marketeer I will do what I can to make sure our Tripwire communications are clear and devoid of hype so you can more easily learn how we can help you protect what matters. Until next year…