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By: Mark Gaydos

I have consistently heard VMware state that their virtualization platform is very secure. Yet I was reading an article by Gregory Ness titled “Microsoft Appears To Be Ready To Start Putting the Squeeze on VMware” in which he states with Microsoft’s recent comments around Hyper-V that:

“This officially puts VMware on notice that any delays in penetrating data centers with virtualization will increase the prospects of Microsoft competition, and possibly force lower margins and longer sales cycles. Microsoft has a formidable presence. They won’t have to have a better product. If they deliver a more secure approach to virtualization, it could also spell trouble for VMware, as that is currently a very significant barrier to the full benefit of virtualization.”

So security is a barrier to the full benefit of virtualization? An interesting proposition. With tools like ConfigCheck that allow an administrator to verify if their VMware environment is configured according to the VMware security hardening policy, I wonder how true this is? It might be.

So the question remains? VMware….. secure or not secure? Or does the IT industry need to gain more experience to determine just how secure the environment truly is? If you have comments, let me know.