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While people go to conferences to sit in sessions and learn, we all know the real reason to physically attend any conference is to network and meet like-minded people in your industry. Such was the thinking and genesis behind Security B-Sides, a grassroots volunteer driven set of information security conferences organized for the people by the people.

At the RSA Conference, just a day after the conclusion of Security B-Sides, I spoke with Mike Dahn (@mikd) is one of the organization’s three founders.

Since last year, the number of Security B-Sides events has doubled up to 30 events in just one year. They have events on every continent, except Antarctica.

What you get out of Security B-Sides is a local event about infosec where you get to meet and socialize with other security people. While they do have talks, like any conference, the real goal is to mingle, share ideas, and build relationships that may have existed only online but with this event you can now solidify them in real life, said Dahn.

If you’re thinking about running a Security B-Sides event, Dahn welcomes you to contact him at And as a first tip of advice on how to run the event, Dahn recommends lots and lots of communication. When you have a volunteer run organization over-communication is key. You need that to keep momentum going, said Dahn.