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Security Bsides Portland organizers

Last Friday we participated in the first Security B-Sides event here in Portland. More than 100 local information security professionals from Portland, Eugene and Seattle attended the event. The collaboration, networking and energetic presentations made it a very successful event. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to be part of the organizing committee, as well as to work for an organization that supports the local community.

If you couldn’t join us, here are some short videos interviews that we recorded during the event.

B-Sides Portland 2011: Recap on The Need for Hackers, Hackerspaces and Hacktivism

B-Sides Portland 2011: Preview to Level Up – How Security is not like a Video Game

B-Sides Portland 2011: Preview of SCADA Security – Why is it So Hard?

B-Sides Portland 2011: Preview to Using a Blender Game for Security Visualization

B-Sides Portland 2011: Recap on OS Security for Specific Purpose Devices

B-Sides Portland 2011: Highlights about BSidesPDX from Organizers

Here is a collection of photos taken during the event. In case you missed them, here are more interviews from other BSidesPDX speakers. Special thanks to everyone who made this a very special event.

Hasta pronto!