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Just reading up on the emergence of the Cloud Security Alliance, courtesy of Chris Hoff’s blog. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) seems like a good move.

According to Hoff, it’s not a secret star chamber-like cabal of illuminati figurehead organization:

“It’s a good mix of vendors, practitioners and interested parties who are concerned with framing the most pressing concerns related to Cloud security and working together to bring ideas to life on how we can address them.”

The organization seems to be reaching beyond the usual suspects of vendors looking to control the agenda, and has charter members from corporate backgrounds, as well as individuals with great pedigrees in both virtual and “normal” cyber security.

One of the things I hope they tackle is helping Cloud consumers / users understand how to factor Cloud Security into their selection, evaluation, and adoption processes.

This is one organization I’ll be watching closely as it unfolds. Click the link for Hoff’s entire treatment of this topic.