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Alex Hutton (@AlexHutton), Director of Operations Risk & Governance for Zions Bancorporation, explains the notion of attaining a level of mastery in how we approach our careers in security.

Hutton explains how he has begun to embrace the Japanese philosophy of “shokunin kishitsu,” best described as striving for “craftsmanship.”

Inspired by a documentary call Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Hutton recently delivered a talk at BSidesLV which began as a look at how we can battle professional burnout in infosec.

His talk transcended the predictable ideas of staying fresh, relevant, and seeking new challenges, and ultimately touched on issues that demonstrate how the security field is reaching a level of maturity that other disciplines have enjoyed for ages.

“Burnout… A possible cause of that might be a Western-style expectation of recognition, self worth, and all these values versus investing in what you do, the product that you create… this concept of craftsmanship,” Hutton said in this interview.

Hutton’s BSidesLV session was fascinating, and we were lucky to catch him for a recap and some additional insight on the idea that seeking excellence in what we do produces an innate sense of reward and self-actualization.


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