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Holidays are great at revealing the lies we tell ourselves. The wish lists are long, the calendar is overbooked and yet we are still smiling. We depend and blindly trust that our data is logged and our events are managed on our devices.  In the case your cell phone goes missing, would you be able to rest easily because you have intelligence in place to detect changes and suspicious activity on your accounts?  If so, would you be confident that it was reconciled immediately?  I’m the first to admit that I’d still be frantically retracing my steps.

 We are overloaded by information, events and a lot of fruit cake. Time is your worst enemy should something unexpected happen that takes you off course this holiday season. And although you missed the only festive party you were looking forward to while in the midst of frantically retracing your lost or stolen phone, you tell yourself – there’s always next year. You’ll be one year older (and wiser), and better about continuously monitoring your personal belongings.

In the IT security world, professionals manage inconsumable amounts of data every single day, not just at a certain time of the year. Traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions alone do not provide organizations with adequate protection against today’s cyber threats.  What’s missing from a security standpoint is state intelligence and the ability to combine data from multiple security controls to see what’s really happening.  With context, you can determine if you are at risk, or if activity is business-as-usual.

 Tripwire recently presented a webcast, SIEM Alone is Not Enough, where we discussed:

  • True shortcomings of traditional SIEM solutions
  • Why security controls utilized in isolation are limited in providing useful indicators of data breaches
  • How an IT security approach that combines state data from multiple security controls provides more advanced incident detection, adds a layer of risk context, and provides more intelligent security

You can review this  On-Demand Webcast  (form required) and post questions/comments here. Also, if you have advice on how to reduce the noise of the holiday season, I’m all ears!

Happy Holidays!