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Unfortunately, even if we could still virtualize all our computing infrastructure, there will still be piles of blinking servers and networking gear. And even cables.

And last I checked, they still haven’t figured out how to build servers that have negative footprints or negative heat generation.

Image courtesy: John angry/Oboyah Za3lan

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  • Hmm.

    I wonder if once we achieve quantum computing if the computer will be able to come up with the answer even before it has time to use electricity?

    Now that's Green Computing! :)


  • Gene Kim

    Bill, you are, of course, 100% correct. But, this will most likely happen long after we have data centers that are plugging into the Over-Unity Energy Field. Obviously, to salvage our investment in the 220V power grid, there will have to be some extensive modifications to data centers that may be visible from space (and therefore, You Know Who). And you know what grave repercussions could result…

    Did you read about the recent news about potential tachyon depletion?

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