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I’ve heard this twice in the last three weeks! The IT group could return millions of dollars to the bottom line, if only they could win the argument with Finance to buy new servers and allocate the four man-months to complete the infrastructure replacement project.

  • IT guy: “You know that virtualization project? Well, we need to replace 120 servers which are about seven years old, and incidentally, no longer under maintenance. And we’re four versions behind on the operating system.”
  • Finance guy: “Are those servers paid for?”
  • IT guy: “Yes.”
  • Finance guy: “And they’re fully depreciated?”
  • IT guy: “Yes.”
  • Finance guy: “So, they’re free. Request denied. Keep running them until they fail!”

Of course, they already are failing (at random times), causing urgent firefighting, taking even more time away from other urgent infrastructure improvement projects.

And thus, we keep swirling down… Even though we purchased the VMware licenses.

Does this resonate with anyone else out there?

Image courtesy: John angry/Oboyah Za3lan