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IT Security and Operations have always spoken two different languages. But if you thought there was a chasm there, the chasm between the i5/OS administrator and the rest of the world is like the Grand Canyon! So does that mean the security and regulatory pressures don’t apply to the i5/OS infrastructure? To the contrary, we are finding that i5/OS has been in customer environments longer than most other infrastructure, is stable and does what it needs to do. It most often carries sensitive data and is very much in scope for PCI, SOX and NERC compliance.

Now try saying the word “file integrity monitoring” to an i5/OS administrator and watch his blank stare or better yet, “what planet are you from?” look. These are the challenges we hear from security and compliance owners.

Tripwire Enterprise now provides change auditing and configuration assessment for i5/OS in the same seamless fashion as our Windows, Unix or Linux monitoring. So security professionals can speak “security”, i5/OS administrators can speak i5/OS and we can all get complete visibility into changes that put systems into insecure states and pass compliance without learning a new language.