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By: Mark Gaydos

Well a bug in the VMware code that was recently announced turned out to actually to be a “bomb” that was overlooked during the VMware QA process. No doubt a very embarrassing event for VMware.Da Bomb

However, the thing that strikes me the most about this is not the news of the bomb being overlooked but more what you don’t hear about VMware’s software. Given the broad range of uses and deployments that VMware has and the massive scrutiny they are under, you just don’t hear these types of issues happening alot. There are a variety of other vendors that have bugs and security holes popping up what seems all the time but you rarely hear anything about VMware.

Sure, you hear theoretical risks like blue pill but to date I have not heard of a real production case where this has occurred and most analysts say it’s the “monster under the bed” that just doesn’t exist in reality.

So it is too bad this is happening to VMware when the fight with Microsoft is just beginning but kudos to them for having the few number of issues they do have. Good programmers prevent you from hearing bombs and alarms going off……. but silence doesn’t get much press.