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In my previous post I questioned whether we bring our work home with us. In the comments Mrs. Y Iswhy brought up another aspect of security and taking our work home with us that I thought deserved a follow up post.

In today’s working environment one’s office no longer needs to fit in with the traditional model of an office building as technology has enabled the propogation of telecommuting as an incredibly efficient way for employees to connect to their enterprise and accomplish their tasks. Taking the theme of my last post and applying it to this scenario, rather than questioning if we should or do bring our work home, I think that as the commenter pointed out, it is an absolute requirement that IT and security departments be key stakeholders in what practices we use when replicating a traditional office to our telecommuting colleagues.

I would posit that the largest benefit of employing a secure telecommute environment and policy is financially driven. The cost of a breach to a company could be potentially disasterous. Whether the enterprise handles sensitive customer financial information or is a software company with a large investment in intellectual property, the costs can quickly add up and in the case where customer information is exposed not only is it damaging but from a public relations perspective one only need to look at the attacks against Sony’s Playstation Network to see the negative publicity that may lead to financial implications for many years to come even after the breach has been identified and the flaw fixed.

Defining that policy is something I’ll address in a future post however, I’d like to read what strategies you, our readers, employ in your enterprise environments and how important do you feel defining and enforcing a corporate security policy is to your organizations?

Creative Commons photo attribution to windsordi