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In the world of information security, we talk a lot about threats and vulnerabilities.  In fact, we tend to talk a lot about “known vulnerabilities.”  Known vulnerabilities may not always represent the the most dangerous things facing us, but they are significant because we can take steps to mitigate them and thereby reduce our attack surface.

If you want to observe the perils of known vulnerabilities, watch this video derived from the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”:

 This meme is a lot more entertaining than “I used to be a security manager, but then I lost data via an unmitigated, known vulnerability,” but it’s bad mojo to get caught by either one.

Note:  This week is the week of the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US (we observe the holiday on Thursday), so I wanted to keep it on the lighter side this week.  Stay tuned – more serious topics are on the way!