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Just like a tripod that can’t stand very well on only two legs, information security needs to be able to feed off three main elements: connect, protect, detect. We have talked extensively about the need to have a layered approach to security that covers both preventive and detective controls, but in reality, these two pillars would not be enough without a connection layer. Why? Connect is the glue that binds them together and make our security efforts relevant to higher business goals.


The first pillar is Connect: Making security visible, measurable and accountable. Why? Well, who wants to work endlessly with no recognition and no relevance? Tripwire integrated solutions allow executives (whether in security or not) to understand, assess and manage their organization’s security posture.

The second element is Protect: The equivalent of locking the doors and shutting the windows. Protect the systems that your business depends on with security configuration management, continuous monitoring and assessment.

The third component is Detect: Regardless of how much protection you put around your valuables, cyber criminals will always attempt to get in. The goal is to obtain leading indicators of breach activity that could lead to compromised systems by immediately detecting deviations from a secured state and constantly feeding this information to event management systems.

So today we’re releasing an integrated solution of three new product versions (Tripwire Enterprise 8.2, Tripwire Log Center 6.6 and Tripwire VIA Data Mart 2.0) that aligns information security with the objectives and goals of the business.

Over the next few days, you’ll be hearing from us about how our solutions are able to solve security problems in these areas. Stay tuned!

Hasta pronto,


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