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True Cost of Compliance CoverWe often hear from customers and prospects that compliance is expensive and cumbersome, yet it allows them to rally for a piece of the IT security budget. Up to this point, however, there was no data on what the cost of compliance was.

In order to provide some quantifiable data on this subject, we partnered with the Ponemon Institute, a well respected third-party research firm, to determine the full costs associated with an organization’s compliance efforts. To be as accurate and empirical as possible, the Ponemon team interviewed 160 security, compliance and privacy leaders in 46 multinational organizations.

The results of this benchmark study show that on average, the cost of non-compliance is approximately three times higher than the cost of compliance. It also provides clarity on the differences between compliance and non-compliance costs, and gives guidance on best practices that can be adopted to reduce risk, protect data, improve security and support compliance activities across the organization.

You can download  The True Cost of Compliance report, watch videos and share your thoughts here.