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Tripwire’s Director of Product Management Michael Thelander discusses how security has largely been a reactive process due to the nature of various compliance constraints in addition to the rapidly evolving threat landscape, and how good SCM enables organizations to take a proactive approach to securing their It environment.

Check It Out…

SCM is hard to do, and success requires taking on the task in manageable stages. How do you get started?  What are the capabilities to look for in an effective solution?

The first step is to download SecureCheq from Tripwire, a fast, simple to use, free utility for Windows servers and desktops that answers these questions while it tests for common configuration risks.

This free tool:

  • Tests for a subset of typical (and often dangerous) Windows configuration errors
  • Provides detailed remediation and repair advice
  • Tests for about two dozen critical but common configuration errors related to OS hardening, Data Protection, Communication Security, User Account Activity and Audit Logging.
  • Demonstrates how systems can be continually hardened against attack

SecureCheq uses configuration tests just like the ones defined in CIS, ISO or COBIT standards. Because these tests include helpful links back to comparable tests in governing policies like DISA, HIPAA or NERC, you can easily see how well your target system would fare under these policies.

But Wait, There’s More…

Download a free copy of Security Configuration Management for Dummies  and learn how to:

  • Adopt and implement a security hardening policy

    Security Configuration Management for Dummies
    (click image for free download)
  • Reduce your network’s attack surface
  • Comply with industry or government regulations continuously
  • Proactively protect your systems (without breaking your budget)


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