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By: Mark Gaydos

While I was at the Gartner IT Operations and Management conference this week in Orlando, I spoke to a particular industry analyst. This analyst suggested that in a very short time frame, as virtualization gains even greater adoption, that the role of the virtualization administrator will actually disappear. That as virtualization becomes “virtually” ubiquitous that the need for a dedicated individual to handle virtualization security and management will disappear, as every group will have responsibility for managing the parts of virtualization in their respective areas.

The networking group will need to manage virtualization in their environment. Operations will have to work with virtualization in the areas they are responsible. Security will need to be involved with virtualization with the processes they manage. That every group in IT will have to know the parts of virtualization that touch their areas of responsibility. It will just become part of the jobs.

What’s the time frame for this to happen? Six months? A year? Two years? Five years? Hard to say. It seems like a fair assumption but it will take time for IT personnel to adopt the technology and permeate knowledge about virtualization throughout their teams and organizations.

If you don’t see this happening anytime soon drop me a comment. I’d like to hear other thoughts on the topic.