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Today is a good day. Not only is the sun shining in England which, for anyone else who lives here knows is about as frequent as a heart felt apology from a politician, but Tripwire has also released ConfigCheck for ESX 3.0 to compliment our coverage of ESX 3.5.

One of the most frequent requests that lands in our inbox concerning ConfigCheck is the ability to monitor 3.0. This didn’t go unnoticed so we had R&D beaver away tirelessly to complete the work to help those VI-Admins out there that have not upgraded to ESX 3.5 yet. This gives ESX 3.0 admins the same capabilities to ensure secure configuration of the Hypervisor against the VMware Hardening Guidelines.

One of the bigger jobs in getting ConfigCheck to work on ESX 3.0 was not the technical redevelopment of the software and tests but the supporting remediation advice. The remediation advice document has also been fully updated to take 3.0 into consideration detailing all the steps, if different from ESX 3.5, to get the configurations up to a known and trusted state.

Want to be able to automate the checks, create your own policies and centralize the compliance and reporting of your Hypervisors against more than just the Hardening Guideline from VMware? We have also released a handy side by side comparision of the commercial version (Enterprise) against ConfigCheck.

The new version of ConfigCheck should be hitting the download site within the next few hours so please give it a spin and let us know how it works out for you.

To get updates in your email about new releases of ConfigCheck, you can also subscribe to the notification service which let’s you know the instant we release a new version. The official press release for the new version of ConfigCheck can also be seen here.