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The most common question Marc Sachs, VP National Security Policy at Verizon hears is “What should I be doing with mobile security?” Sachs always counters with “Well, what are you doing and what would you like to be doing?”

Given that he has this exchange so often, I asked Sachs what were the most common responses.

He said that most people are doing the usual stuff such as implementing firewalls, anti-virus, and intrusion detection systems. What they haven’t done is update policies, and extend them into the mobile world. Good corporations know how to keep these policies updated not just through electronic audits, but physical audits. And this isn’t just a tech department job, but rather managers should be literally looking at the devices themselves. Ask, “Let me see what you’ve got on this.”

If your company doesn’t allow for the latest technology, but your employees have access to it, then you have to create some type of system for them to have access. Sachs suggests a network space that you would reserve for your guest logins.