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Last year at the RSA Conference I was completely overwhelmed with discussions of cloud security. This year, I had only one conversation about cloud, and that was with Edward Haletky (@texiwill) of The Virtualization Practice.

Haletky was also surprised at the lack of cloud discussion at the conference. What he’s seeing this year are security companies that are satisfied with their “cloud” solution. In reality, said Haletky, what they have are security products that fit and work in a virtual or cloud environment.

For Haletky, there are unique cloud security problems that still loom, such as jurisdiction and an easy way to manage forensics that doesn’t require you to tear down the entire cloud.

How much cloud security there is all boils down to the fact that people think different things when you say “cloud,” Haletky said.

Stock photo of cloud computing image courtesy of Shutterstock.