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There is an event each year at the RSA Conference in San Francisco called Petcha Kutcha.  I had heard good things about it and it sounded a lot like Ignite so I decided to check it out.  According to Wikipedia this is what a Petcha Kutcha is:

Pecha Kucha Night was devised in February 2003[2] by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Tokyo‘s Klein-Dytham Architecture (KDa), as a way to attract people to Super Deluxe, their experimental event space in Roppongi.[3] Pecha Kucha Night events consist of around a dozen presentations, each presenter having 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds. Each presenter has just 6 minutes 40 seconds to explain their ideas before the next presenter takes the stage. Conceived as a venue through which young designers could meet, show their work, exchange ideas, and network, the format keeps presentations concise, fast-paced and entertaining.

I decided to check out this event this year before we headed off to the RSA Codebreakers Bash (pics and video to come later in the week).  The first two presentations were great and then ok after that but can anyone really compete with zombies and a fake Tina Turner?

I captured the first talk given by Josh Corman (@joshcorman) on video.  Enjoy.