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Security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell believe USB sticks are fundamentally insecure. To prove this, they developed a malware program called BadUSB: which has the ability to take over PCs, redirect Internet traffic and more. According to Nohl: “These problems can’t be patched. We’re exploiting the very way that USB is designed.”

If USB is fundamentally flawed, what can enterprises do to protect themselves?

Listen to our latest security slice podcast and hear Lamar Bailey, Craig Young and Lane Thames discuss the use of USB devices by security researchers and why USB wasn’t designed to include authentication.






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picThe Executive’s Guide to the Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Tripwire has compiled an e-book, titled The Executive’s Guide to the Top 20 Critical Security Controls: Key Takeaways and Improvement Opportunities, which is available for download [registration form required].

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