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A new website called Insecam currently shows images from more than 70,000 IP cameras that still use their default passwords, including around 11,000 cameras from the United States. Insecam insists the website was designed to show “the importance of security settings,” but commentators are concerned about the website’s invasion of privacy.

Does Insecam go too far to illustrate an important lesson?

Listen to our latest security slice podcast and hear Tyler Reguly, Lane Thames, Lamar Bailey and Craig Young discuss the thin line between education and ethics, the different security expectations we have for vendors and consumers and why we need to bring back set-up wizards.






picThe Executive’s Guide to the Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Tripwire has compiled an e-book, titled The Executive’s Guide to the Top 20 Critical Security Controls: Key Takeaways and Improvement Opportunities, which is available for download [registration form required].

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10 Ways Tripwire Outperforms Other Cybersecurity Solutions
  • So many people leave the default password/login unchanged! You're asking for a security breach of some kind, and that is one that could have been completely preventable. It doesn't matter how sophisticated your security system is if your password is still "password."

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