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In early August, Tripwire security analyst Travis Smith conducted a presentation at Black Hat USA on combining open source and commercial security tools to correlate and build context on security events. As part of his presentation, Travis introduced Tripwire’s Automated Reconnaissance and Deep Inspection System (TARDIS), a framework that ties together a wide variety of threat feed data and log repositories with cloud storage and an open source visualization tool. This framework enables a whole range of analysis and forensic capabilities and is extremely easy to setup and use. TARDIS was featured in Black Hat’s Arsenal and in DEF CON’s IoT Village Hack Shop.

Listen to this special security slice podcast on Travis’s presentation and learn how to become a brogrammer, beginner tips for companies just getting started with threat intelligence and why TARDIS offers a big security asset in a small package.




Attendees of Black Hat can download a special whitepaper by Travis on the conference website.

For more information on TARDIS and a slide deck on his presentation, please visit: