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Home Depot is the latest mega retailer to announce a major data breach. The company reported that an estimated 56 million credit cards were impacted, dwarfing Target’s massive breach that exposed 40 million credit cards. According to Brian Krebs, most of the impacted point-of-sale systems in the Home Depot breach were self check-out machines. However, in spite of the difference in scale between the two breaches, Home Depot’s breach expenses will probably not match Target’s hefty price tag.

What are the major differences between the Target and Home Depot breach and what unique security challenges do self check-out machines bring?

Listen to our latest security slice podcast and hear Tim ErlinLane Thames, Tyler Reguly and Craig Young discuss the major security lessons the Target breach should be teaching retailers, why these breaches demonstrate the importance of multi-layered security programs and why it’s still nearly impossible to determine the ROI of information security.






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