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Recently, we learned a third-party payment systems vendor confirmed a breach that hit Jimmy John’s at more than 200 locations nationwide, along with over 100 additional independent restaurants. Only a few weeks ago, we saw Home Depot confirm a 56 million credit card breach—now being referred to as the biggest retail breach ever. Lastly, let’s not forget Backoff malware, which impacted nearly 1,000 US businesses, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

With all the media attention around these mega breaches, why aren’t more retailers catching POS intrusions early?

Listen to our latest Security Slice podcast and hear Dwayne Melancon, Craig Young, Ken Westin and Chris Conacher discuss how POS memory scraping works, why chip and pin technology isn’t  a panacea for retail breach and the impact that changing card technology will have on credit card fraud.






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