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Tripwire has announced the availability of Tripwire Log Center (TLC) 7.0 featuring the first phase of integration with IP360™,  as well as Tripwire’s new VIA Agent advanced log intelligence and analytics,  and enhanced correlation analytics designed to drive improved log intelligence.

The increase in sophisticated, targeted attacks in combination with an explosive increase in the volume of security data makes it increasingly difficult for enterprises to respond quickly to security events connected with cyber attacks.

The sheer volume of log data alone makes it hard for organizations to provide the high-speed analysis and filtering of event data necessary to respond quickly and efficiently to the expanding number of security events.

In addition, auditors are demanding evidence of complete log collection. Advanced evidence of log information is required for compliance with version five of the North American Electric Reliability Standards (NERC CIP v5) and is expected to be required soon by the Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  (HIPAA).

The Tripwire Log Center, powered by the Tripwire VIA agent, reliably and securely collects, analyzes and correlates log data from devices, servers, applications and automated security processes to improve security and dramatically simplify compliance.

Collected data is analyzed and filtered so only actionable and relevant events are sent to IT security teams or forwarded to SIEM systems. Key features include:

  • Reliable collection of all log data with local caching and smart bookmarking technology that avoids data loss, even while disconnected for extended time periods
  • Secure, encrypted communications between agents and manager
  • Small agent footprint ideal for cloud and virtual machines
  • Data compression that reduces network footprint
  • Intuitive GUI with Visio-like functionality that simplifies the creation of complex correlation rules
  • Intelligent correlation of the system state and business value of assets through integration with Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360

“Our customers are focused on protecting critical data and infrastructure, and it’s paramount that they detect data breaches quickly and accurately,” said Dwayne Melancon, chief technology officer for Tripwire.

“TLC 7.0 is designed to deliver strategic value to our customers by helping them meet these challenges in the face of increasingly-intense cyber attacks. This release also represents the first significant milestone in the integration of the former nCircle product line into Tripwire solutions.”

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