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This summer, we had the pleasure of nominating and celebrating the achievements of one of our customers:  Darrell Jones, Herbalife’s Senior Director of IT Security. Darrell was recently named a finalist for the Executive of the Year Award in the T.E.N. ISE West region.

These awards recognize information security executives who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in risk management, data asset protection, regulatory compliance, privacy and network security.

One of the reasons Tripwire nominated Darrell for this award was to recognize his accomplishments at Herbalife, where he recently completed an impressive four-year tokenization project over a 65-hour weekend. As the principal leader, Darrell drove the project from conception to implementation, addressing more than 117 million credit card records across 17 platforms.

Darrell said the key to the project’s success was the foundational buy-in from every area of the organization. Darrell was quick to realize that such a complex project would fail unless a solid business case was made and every key area of the organization was on board, from the C-suite to the engineers and the help desk techs.

As Darrell envisioned it, everyone in the organization needed to be “talking about one problem.” Once everyone was on the same page, Darrell successfully implemented the project step-by-step across 28 global teams.

In addition to this major accomplishment, Darrell is also a well-recognized leader in the IT security industry. He is currently an adjunct professor in the MBA program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles teaching IT security and risk management.

“Darrell Jones’ leadership has been key to overcome the challenges faced at a fast-changing global enterprise organization,” said Kuai Hinojosa, Managing Software Security Consultant for Foundstone Professional Services.
“Darrell understands the true value a software security program adds to such fast-pace environment thereby, reducing risk to the organization. In addition, he has gone beyond the implementation of software application security best practices, by working with other team members and vendors to secure the infrastructure and provide data assurance best practices.”

Help us congratulate Darrell on this inspiring accomplishment!




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