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“For the ancient Greeks, the center of social activity was the Agora, a lively marketplace where people came not only to buy and sell goods but also to meet and exchange news and ideas.” That same philosophy is what drives Agora, Inc.

Publishing more than 300 books and 40 newsletters reaching 1 million readers from around the world, Agora, Inc. is a holding company for various publishers of financial, health, travel and special interest books and newsletters – each offering ideas, information and insights you can’t find anywhere else.

As Agora expanded its business, it needed to put a tighter focus on security in order meet its PCI compliance needs and provide the ability to quickly investigate and remediate any risk issues that could interrupt service to its customers.

“We needed a solution that could monitor our infrastructure and truly ensure that it was secure. That’s where Tripwire came in. We were able to build out systems that could actually go in and monitor to make sure the infrastructure had not been compromised.”

–Dave Smith, Network Engineer at Agora, Inc.

With the help of Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center, Agora:

  • Increased productivity through time and resource savings with Tripwire reports
  • Automated security, compliance and change control management processes from a very manual process before
  • Gained instant alerts to malicious activity, proactively  protecting from possible cyber security threats
  • Saved many hours of manual log review by utilizing advanced correlation of system logs

Check out the full case study here to learn more.

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