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Tripwire announced a 240% increase in the amount of monetary contributions donated to Oregon charities in 2013 over 2012. In addition to financial support, Tripwire employees logged more than 6,000 hours of their time to volunteer work.

“We are strong believers in giving back to the communities we serve,” said Jim Johnson, CEO of Tripwire. “Our employees and our company donate to numerous charities every year, and we are proud that our team has increased their generosity in time, talent and resources by giving back to their communities. Thanks to them, Tripwire is making a significant difference.

“Tripwire’s charitable contribution efforts are part of an ongoing year-round dedication to donation, fundraising and mentorship,” Johnson said.

“We are also active participants in several community programs. All Tripwire employees are encouraged to volunteer in a community activity of their choice and are given paid time off one day per month in which to do so.”


Programs supported through Tripwire’s donations include:

“Oregon FIRST inspires today’s students to be creative problem solvers and prepares them for yet unimagined science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers of the future,” said Roseann Stevens, Oregon FIRST vice president of field operations.

“Our students greatly benefit from the influence and support of innovative businesses like Tripwire. By working with an organization at the forefront of information technology, FIRST participants get expert information and guidance about opportunities that lie ahead.”

“We really value our ongoing partnership with Tripwire, and so do the teachers, students and families that their sponsorship supports,” said Caitlin Collings, community engagement manager for Schoolhouse Supplies.

“Tripwire not only provides financial support, but their exuberant and dedicated employee volunteers also contribute their time and expertise. Tripwire’s investment in local classrooms through Schoolhouse Supplies has provided over 1,500 backpacks filled with school supplies to local students at Woodmere Elementary School, leveling the educational playing field and ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed.”

For more information about Tripwire’s community involvement, please visit: See also: Giving Back: Tripwire’s Community Involvement Team.



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