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Tripwire and NetApp announced that they have expanded their current Cyber Alliance partnership to include the adoption by five major federal and non-federal energy customers.

Five major energy suppliers that provide energy services to more than 70 million customers across 23 states have adopted the Tripwire NERC Solution Suite, in conjunction with NetApp’s storage, virtualization and big data technologies.

Tripwire’s NERC Solution Suite is a powerful combination of customized tools and services designed to help utilities automate, achieve and maintain North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance.

Tripwire’s Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development Rekha Shenoy says this is an exciting partnership on many fronts, the first being entirely within the Federal Government area and their emphasis on cyber – specifically within utilities, NERC is providing a way to look at protecting critical infrastructure.

“Together NetApp and Tripwire can provide a pragmatic solution that is continuously monitored and protected against the most urgent and critical targeted attacks our utilities are facing today,” said Shenoy.

Going beyond that, Shenoy says that every company or federal agency that needs to protect their critical infrastructure has the same challenges.

“By offering a joint solution, customers can take advantage of a secure storage or big data environment protected by Tripwire. This should allow security professionals who often have to look for security solutions for new infrastructure after the fact, to develop a strategic security and risk based solution as the infrastructure is deployed,” Shenoy said. “IT and OT together, security and ops both have solutions… it can happen sometimes.

Tripwire has helped more than 140 registered energy entities achieve and maintain NERC CIP compliance. Compliance can be difficult because the requirements frequently change and require continuous monitoring of critical assets as well as periodic collection of detailed compliance evidence. The steps necessary to pass a NERC audit can be extremely time-consuming and often involve error-prone manual processes.

The NERC Solution Suite is built on Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center® – award-winning security configuration management and log intelligence solutions – and specialized intelligence including policy rules, correlation rules, tools, templates, customized reports and dashboards.

Together with customized services from NERC-experienced consultants, the NERC Solution Suite dramatically reduces the time and resources required to pass NERC CIP audits and minimizes audit findings. Tripwire’s NERC Solution Suite also helps energy organizations prepare for their upcoming transition from NERC CIP version 3 to NERC CIP version 5.

“We are very pleased to be part of NetApp’s Cyber Alliance,” said Bryce Schroeder, senior director of systems engineering for Tripwire.

“The program makes it easy for a wide variety of businesses to combine industry-leading solutions, providing the best possible security for critical infrastructure and data. The program allows us to enhance NetApp’s vast data-protection foundations with industry-leading security hardening, vulnerability management, continuous monitoring and real-time security data visibility.”

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