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Earlier this week, the Tripwire team attended the 5th annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference in Las Vegas. The theme this year was Your Data Adventure and the spirit of the event really embodied a whole new world of opportunity that exists in your data.

Whether you wanted to improve customer experience, service delivery, enhance IT performance, provide timely business insights, or reach new levels of security, this event pretty much offered it all. It included 3 days of awesome conference keynotes, sessions and networking with 4,000+ Splunk enthusiasts.

There was one key announcement I took away from the conference that I want to share. They announced the next version of Splunk Enterprise 6.2.” With Splunk Enterprise 6.2, you get simplified analysis and powerful pattern detection that enables more users across IT and the business to discover relationships in their data and build advanced analytics. Simply put, it is more power analytics for everyone. This includes:

  • Instant Pivot, which allows anyone to pivot directly from any search, enabling powerful analysis and rapid creation of dashboards without knowledge of Splunk Search Processing Language.
  • Enhanced event Pattern Detection that speeds analysis by automatically discovering meaningful patterns in underlying machine data.
  • Prebuilt Panels to enable faster dashboard creation by providing the ability to create, package and share reusable dashboard building blocks.

Tripwire customers have shared the value they get being able to share executive dashboards with non-technical business executives to deliver a business-relevant view across entire the global enterprise for IT ops, security, compliance and business analytics. Putting underlying data to work to gain critical insights, operational efficiencies and align IT with the business is essential. I am really excited to see how these new analytics capabilities make Tripwire’s security configuration management data shine as customers take advantage of the joint partnership with Splunk.

While at .conf2014, we introduced our new Tripwire Enterprise App for Splunk Enterprise in the Splunk Apps Showcase. This app helps organizations achieve a new level of IT and Security visibility, with scale and efficiency. Tripwire Enterprise provides enterprise-wide security configuration and policy management with endpoint detection, response and prevention controls, delivering real-time security intelligence data to Splunk Enterprise.

The Tripwire Enterprise App for Splunk Enterprise offers benefits to both security analysts as well as IT Ops. Security analysts have fast access to critical system and application data so they can reduce the cycle time of identifying security violations while IT Ops can leverage this data to reduce mean time to identify and repair IT systems.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend .conf2014 this year, be sure to download the app and try it out for yourself.