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Tripwire has announced the availability of Tripwire IP360 version 7.2 featuring support for IPv6 vulnerability scanning, expanded integration services, and additional SCAP functionality.

“IP360 has already proven itself to be a strong product in our portfolio, and it’s a crucial component of our expanding business,” noted Rod Murchison, vice president of product management and technology alliances at Tripwire.

“Tripwire is committed to investing the resources necessary to continue providing our vulnerability management customers with world-class performance, manageability and scalability.”

As IPv6 proliferates throughout networks worldwide, it is increasingly important to identify assets utilizing IPv6 in order to discover their unique vulnerabilities and configurations in order to identify and mitigate IPv6.

Tripwire IP360 now supports the discovery of IPv6 capable devices as well as their vulnerabilities and configurations, allowing customers to build vulnerability management into their IPv6 deployments at the start. Key features of the new version include:

  • Expanded IPv6 functionality including discovery of IPv6 devices within a specific IP range.
  • Improvements to IP360s comprehensive SCAP configuration scanning support including CCEs, CPEs and CVEs in CyberScope reporting.
  • Human-readable version of HTML SCAP report.

”While SCAP capabilities are required in the federal government, a narrow approach provides only limited benefits,” said Murchison.

“Tripwire’s cross-product approach to the SCAP standard has already allowed us to deliver additional capabilities at a faster pace to more customers across the product line. We fully expect SCAP to be an integral standard for Tripwire moving forward.”

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