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Well… talked is a relative term. Many of you graciously took a brief survey from TechValidate, a third-party research firm that Tripwire has partnered with to share your thoughts on Tripwire’s solutions. The results are in and we are excited to share them with you!

This new blog series will highlight how customers are using Tripwire solutions to solve their IT security problems, as well as provide insight into what others are saying about Tripwire.

This first blog post in the series focuses on Tripwire’s Vulnerability Management solution, Tripwire IP360.

When surveying our current IP360 customers, interestingly enough the top three challenges that Tripwire helped address are as follows:


Detecting Vulnerabilities

Although this may not be breakthrough information, it’s great to see that our customers are utilizing the solution for some core foundational needs; detecting vulnerabilities in devices and software. Wahoo!


Looking deeper into helping customers with manual reporting, 84% of our surveyed customers have saved up to 40% of their time generating reports with Tripwire IP360. That’s HUGE!

In addition to incredible time savings these customers have experienced, close to 90% of our customers surveyed also saved up to 40% of their time preparing for audits with IP360.

To learn more about IP360’s reporting capabilities and how you can be saving more time, check out Tripwire’s SIH solution that integrates with Tripwire IP360.

Remediation Advice

Tripwire also helps our customers with remediation advice through our security risk prioritization. In fact, a security officer from a state and local government stated,

“Tripwire IP360 has helped us discover vulnerabilities on the network and prioritize what needs to be done first.” (Source: TechValidate. TVID: 02D-96E-82F)

Tripwire IP360 discovers a wealth of data about the hosts that reside on your network, but rather than provide that data in an endless list like traditional solutions, Tripwire IP360 prioritizes remediation tasks, enabling customers to focus on the items that will most effectively reduce risk on critical systems. Pretty cool, huh?

So you got a glimpse into some of the results – keep your eyes peeled for many more posts to come focusing on our other solutions, including Tripwire Log Center and Tripwire Enterprise.

We may even focus on some industry trends, as well! Can’t wait to hear what others are already saying about these solutions? Check out our portal here.

Until next time,
Kelly Hoeffner