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We think input from employees, partners and customers is critical to our development.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Tripwire has operations in 15 countries around the world. Tripwire was recently named to the Portland Business Journal's Fastest Growing Private 100 List and Oregon Business Magazine named it one of the 100 Best Companies in Oregon.

Tripwire is an active participant in the local business community and
academia. Our goal is to stimulate achievements in the high-tech sector and
create opportunities for America's next generation of young engineers while
we develop best-of-breed products.


Tripwire's leadership has earned the company a global presence and reputation for best-of-class products.

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Tripwire teams with technology and service partners to provide you with complete control of your IT infrastructure.

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Working at Tripwire

Tripwire takes pride in its effort to create a working environment that is green, congenial and fun, as well as challenging.

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Tripwire is an active participant in many educational programs and charitable activities in the community.

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Tripwire VIA

The Tripwire® VIA™ platform provides unmatched visibility, intelligence and automation so you can take control of your IT infrastructure.

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