Tripwire Enterprise: Security Configuration Management (SCM) Software

Superior security, continuous compliance with Tripwire Enterprise

As the industry's leading file integrity monitoring (FIM) and security configuration management (SCM) solution, Tripwire Enterprise helps you achieve both compliance and advanced security.

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Tripwire Enterprise Features


Shortens the time it takes to catch and limit damage from threats, anomalies, and suspicious changes.


Gives you deep, unparalleled visibility into your security system state and know your security posture at all times.


Closes the gap between IT and security by integrating with both teams' existing toolsets.


Out-of-the-box platforms and policies enforce regulatory compliance standards.

How Does Tripwire Enterprise work?


Help Control Security Breaches With Integrity Monitoring and Security Configuration Management 

Backed by decades of experience, Tripwire Enterprise is capable of advanced use cases unmatched by other solutions. Tripwire helps reduce your attack surface and risk exposure with proper system hardening and continuous configuration monitoring. See how Tripwire enables you to maintain a secure baseline configuration, monitor assets for deviations, while automating and guiding security teams for rapid repair of non-compliant systems and misconfigurations.

What Makes Tripwire Enterprise Different?

Thousands of organizations trust Tripwire Enterprise to serve as the core of their cybersecurity programs. Here's why.  


Unparalleled Visibility

Every breach begins with a single change. Tripwire Enterprise gives you total visibility into each and every unplanned change on your network. High value, low volume change alerts reduce digital noise, and integrations provide granular endpoint intelligence for threat detection and policy compliance. Quickly gather actionable information to prioritize threats and remediate vulnerabilities. 

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The product itself is extremely robust. There is a industry joke which [is] 'Tripwire can do anything' and technically via its many API's and TE Commander interface you truly can configured Tripwire to detect and alert and/or run compliance on anything…Tripwire's customer service and interaction along with transparency is excellent!

Lead Security Engineer

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Thousands of organizations trust Tripwire Enterprise to serve as the core of their cybersecurity programs. Join them and gain complete control through sophisticated security monitoring and change detection.