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Tripwire understands the importance of community. Informing customers and partners of the latest services and solutions via industry events not only helps educate – it creates opportunities for open dialogue between industry experts and peers. This ultimately results in a better product and service offering.

The Tripwire event lineup includes live and on-demand webcasts, trade shows, customer events and speaking engagements. Get involved.

Upcoming Live Webcasts

Tripwire University: Cyber War Bootcamp

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Are you battle-ready when it comes to defending your organization against cyberattacks? A recent Tripwire study indicates that over eighty percent of IT security professionals believe they are able to detect an attack on critical infrastructure in hours or minutes. However, industry research shows that the mean time to investigate and contain data breaches ranges from 158 to 256 days. So, why are most security pros overconfident?

Join Tripwire experts as they discuss what is contributing to this overconfidence and how to evaluate the latest security technologies to solve security problems.

Attendees will learn:

  • Practical tips for evaluating the “battle-readiness” of your organization’s security programs
  • How to leverage the security investments you’ve already made to identify and close gaps in your security infrastructure
  • Real life examples of breach battle plan failures and how the lessons from these failures can improve your security immediately

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Trade Shows and Conferences

Join Tripwire at annual trade shows and conferences all over the globe. Hear the latest news and discuss future trends and opportunities that may impact your business.

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Upcoming Trade Shows

Evanta New York CISO Inner Circle Dinner
Jun 1, 2016 | New York, NY

Evanta CISO Atlanta
Jun 1, 2016 | Atlanta, GA

Evanta CISO Southern California
Jun 1, 2016 | Southern California