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CDM Survey Part 1

The following are a list of possible challenges that federal agency's may face when implementing a CDM program

Inadequate business processes 7%
Insufficient technology 10%
Bureaucratic barriers 33%
Not enough budget 50%

CDM Survey Part 2

In your opinion, are the SANS Institute's 20 Critical Security Controls (20 SCS) valuable to your organization’s security strategy?

No 47%
Yes 53%

Is your organization adopting SANS 20 CSC? Choose the one answer that most closely applies

Use today 11%
Plan to adopt 23%
No plans to adopt at this time 66%

Are you adopting the 20 CSC in the stacked rank order proposed by SANS?

We are using it as a general guideline 79%
Yes, in the order proposed 18%
No 3%

Will the SANS 20 CSC supersede FISMA or will the framework complement existing FISMA efforts?

Complement 88%
Replace 12%


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