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detect leading indicators of breach activity early

Cyber attacks, by their very nature, constantly evolve. Old-school reliance on detecting known bad behavior clearly doesn’t work in this age of cyber warfare. Your security strategy has to quickly detect incidents and respond to threats—even the ones that nobody knows about (yet)—to contain system damage and safeguard data. A big part of doing that is seeing threats and anomalous patterns in spite of the vast amounts of data that alerting systems produce. Tripwire’s integrated solutions deliver foundational security controls that can detect leading indicators of breach activity, prioritize detected threats to keep limited resources focused and continuously monitor how well you are managing your attack surface for prevention.

Tripwire Log Center Incident Response Map Screenshot

Tripwire delivers security confidence

Security Solution Capability Why Tripwire?
Quickly detects incidents and lets you immediately respond to threats Tripwire Log Center provides advanced correlation, intelligent visualization and trend analysis of log data to detect security threats and mitigate risk.
Integrated Foundation security controls Tripwire’s suite of integrated, foundational security controls brings together policy configuration assessment, change auditing, vulnerability assessment, asset business context, and log and event management. This adds unprecedented context of suspicious changes to the security events that are ultimately sent to your security operations team or their security intelligence solution.
Provides all necessary information for your security forensics investigations Easy-to-use search capabilities that yield accurate, comprehensive results let you quickly investigate suspicious incidents and attacks, including their root cause, impact and ongoing effects.
Monitors and analyzes the state of your system Tripwire Enterprise includes file integrity monitoring (FIM) that can be used as a host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS). Use it to detect changes to files, folders and the state of your systems  Tripwire IP360 delivers the vulnerability state of your assets, which allows powerful correlations to make on-the-fly determinations whether a target is vulnerable to a detected attack.
Combines your protection and detection strategies Tripwire Cybercrime Controls combine key configuration hardening standards with breach detection rules to detect incidents faster.
Adds business context to events of interest Tight integrations between Tripwire Log Center and Tripwire Asset View lets you identify suspicious activity based on criticality,  risk and business impact of your most valued assets.