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Hardened Systems Are Confidence Builders

Consistent, continual IT security hardening is your enterprise’s most valuable security control. It minimizes network vulnerabilities, reduces the attack surface, and helps your organization avoid becoming a victim of zero-day exploits. Yet most security solutions simply try to limit outside access to the system where your sensitive data resides. This perimeter-centric approach to security leaves your infrastructure vulnerable to attack and compromise.

In addition, many IT security regulations require consistency and documentation of security hardening efforts—whether you apply your own IT security hardening policies or depend on the various best practices available from industry sources like COBIT, the Center for Internet Security or NIST. You need a security configuration management solution that reduces the attack surface by applying consistent, continual and automated system hardening. Visit the Tripwire Enterprise Policy Manager page for more information.

But once you've hardened your critical systems and put them under constant watch to combat configuration drift, how do you use this “hardened state” as an objective measure of your overall security posture? How do you report on it in a context the business understands and can relate to? Simple: by transforming raw “security hardening data” into “business intelligence” with the Tripwire VIA Data Mart. Read the datasheet for more information.

Tripwire delivers Security Configuration Management with Tripwire Enterprise.

Security Solution Capability Why Tripwire?
Supplies the industry’s largest security and compliance policy library Tripwire provides over 20 unique, industry-trusted policy sources, over 250 policy-platform combinations, and over 189,000 unique configuration tests. All are available out-of-the-box, without customization, ready to use.
Provides continuous monitoring of a hardened, secure state Tripwire Enterprise proactively identifies when your critical systems deviate from a known and trusted state to ensure that they remain continuously protected and secure.
Adds intelligence to enterprise-wide risk, security and compliance initiatives Tripwire is the trusted source for information about your infrastructure’s security state. We make it simple and easy to review and understand security hardening data in your executive dashboards and enterprise reports.
Supports customized hardening policies for your internal IT security standards With Policy Manager, you can establish custom weighting for test scores, create scoring thresholds, and determine which results from policy tests need to be flagged and examined. With fully customizable security policy tests, you can turn industry-standard policies into a custom security policy that fits your specific needs.