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Secured by Tripwire IT Security & Compliance for Cloud Computing & Managed Services

Before customers entrust their IT needs to your managed or cloud services, they need assurance that your infrastructure is secure and compliant along with visibility into their own security and compliance. The Secured by Tripwire program provides you with the technology and support needed to move your customers into the cloud with confidence.

Managed Service Provider Cloud Security - Secured by Tripwire

Secured by Tripwire is backed by the Tripwire® VIA™ platform, an integration of industry-recognized file integrity monitoring, compliance policy management, log management and SIEM solutions. The platform helps ensure the security and compliance of your infrastructure with powerful incident management capabilities, immediate alerts about suspicious activities, and access to detailed forensic data. The program also gives you all the components required to deliver your customers the compliance and security reports and dashboards they demand. This lets you address your customers' security concerns and gives them proof of compliance in the cloud.

Secured by Tripwire Benefits for Managed Service & Cloud Providers

In the spirit of the cloud, Secured by Tripwire offers true, elastic pricing so your total cost of ownership remains low. You pay only for what your customers use, when they use it. Tripwire ensures your success by providing you with technical and marketing support as part of the program.

With Secured by Tripwire, you get the following benefits:

  • Automated, Continuous Compliance 
    Automate monitoring, reporting and remediation against regulatory compliance and security standards, including PCI, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA and NERC.
  • Proven IT Security & Compliance 
    Ensure that your infrastructure stays secure and compliant with a service based on the Tripwire VIA platform, including its robust reporting and remediation capabilities.
  • Increased Efficiency & Control 
    Rely on the Tripwire VIA platform  to efficiently scale, standardize, and automate the delivery of security and compliance information for your customers, integrating easily with other management tools.
  • Support for Success
    Count on Tripwire to provide the technical and marketing support you need to successfully launch your compliance and security services offering.
  • Market Differentiator & New Offering
    Easily deploy new managed compliance and security services, accelerate your revenue growth, enter new markets, and differentiate your offerings.
  • Rapid Deployment of Compliance 
    Quickly offer a packaged set of compliance services to customers such as example reports, dashboards and other evidence, or provide customized offerings around unique customer requirements.
  • Flexible, Elastic Licensing & Pricing 
    Pay for only what your customers use with elastic licensing and pricing options. Minimize your upfront costs and maximize your margins.

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