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Tripwire The IT Security Platform

In today’s threat environment, breaches, exploits and cyber-attacks that prey on vulnerabilities, configuration changes and overloaded security teams put your sensitive data at risk. To protect that data, security teams need the best set of solutions available. That includes controls over security configurations and changes, the ability to prioritize the vulnerabilities that create the most risk and visibility into events of interest across physical, virtual and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Most importantly, security teams need a solution that transforms their security data into information that’s fully aligned with the organization to make it actionable. Tripwire's portfolio of foundational security controls delivers the confidence your security program needs.


Tripwire Product Portfolio

Security Configuration Management

Security Configuration Management (SCM) is the end-to-end process that continually assures the integrity of security configurations and the information they protect, making it one of the most effective and cost-effective security controls—and foundational to numerous regulatory standards and security frameworks. Tripwire offers agent and agentless, award-winning Security Configuration Management solutions so you can pinpoint non-compliant configurations and remediate them quickly, making policy status and vulnerabilities not only visible but actionable. Using the largest and most robust library of IT configurations available, Tripwire’s solutions automatically measure and control the configurations of every device on your network, reduce your infrastructure’s attack surface and improve your overall security and risk posture.

Vulnerability Management

Understanding security risk on a global enterprise network is essential to comprehensive IT risk management and for gaining confidence in your security program. However, the high rate of change on enterprise networks, the constantly changing threat environment and increased focus on internal and regulatory compliance have made this task exceedingly difficult. Accurate identification of vulnerabilities along with informed prioritization is the only way to effectively deal with this challenge. Tripwire provides leading Enterprise Vulnerability Management solutions that include best-of-breed appliance-based vulnerability assessment and innovative cloud-based scanning for the extended enterprise.

File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring (FIM) is key to ensuring that IT infrastructure is secure, compliant and operationally optimized. A change to a “known and trusted” state is one of the most reliable leading indicators of a security breach and/or impending availability disruption, and determining which changes are approved or without risk requires automation. Tripwire invented the world’s first and most robust File Integrity Monitoring solution that intelligently assesses and prioritizes system changes to help classify “good” vs. “bad” change. With Tripwire, organizations have continuous assurance and visibility of all change, a record of who made the change and an audit trail that gives you the data to quickly troubleshoot and resolve security breaches and system outages and pass compliance audits.

Log and Event Management

With the combined dynamics of the explosive increase in the volume of security and logged data and the increasing number of sophisticated targeted attacks, the need for a log intelligence layer in the SIEM market has emerged to provide high speed analysis and filtering of log and event data for faster detection of security incidents. Tripwire's innovative Log and Event Management solution provides secure and reliable log collection, intelligent analysis and filtering of log and event data and deep integration with other foundational security controls for early detection of attacks and breaches. Tripwire’s log intelligence solution delivers only actionable and prioritized events to your IT security operations teams, plus can support other SIEM deployments by reliably collecting, filtering and forwarding critical events for further correlation and analysis.

Security Analytics & Visualization

Organizations invest in what they understand. And increasingly the CISO and the IT Security team are tasked with helping their Boards and executive leadership understand and guide the strategies for aligning security investments with business priorities. Tripwire's security analytics, visualization, and reporting platform speeds information synthesis from across the organization's IT ecosystem, providing CISOs valuable security business intelligence (including asset value, risk scoring and visualizations) from which to drive executive discussions.