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Transforming “Security Data” Into “Business Intelligence”

Boards and executives are demanding ever-increasing visibility into their organizations’ overall security posture. Unfortunately, the raw security data that provides this view is both a blessing and a curse: It’s powerful and illuminating for forensics and audit preparation, but arcane and confusing in board rooms and senior staff meetings. Impenetrable walls of pure data more often than not frustrate executives seeking insight.

The new “Job #1” of today’s CISO or security director is to create clarity out of security data and effectively communicate it. Tripwire® VIA™ Data Mart provides a solution by extracting data from critical security controls, transforming it into information that’s aligned with an organization’s views of structure, risk, and priority, and then creating knowledge—information that’s actionable.


Data Mart Features
  • VISUALIZE RISK, POLICY SCORING AND TRENDS: Produce graphic, rich displays of current security posture and trends, for one department or across global enterprises
  • COMBINE DATA FROM MUTIPLE CONTROLS: Tripwire VIA Data Mart allows users to combine rich security data from configuration testing engines, real-time change data, and external sources like vulnerability and anti-virus systems, and deliver a precise “single-score roll-up” of security posture
  • NEW VERSION ACCESSES BOTH CHANGE AND CONFIGURATION DATA: The newest release of Data Mart provides access to both configuration state and change details, adding greater context and depth to reports
  • FULLY AUTOMATED ETL PROCESS: Data Mart provides a robust extract/transform/load (ETL) process that pulls security data from operational back-end databases and inserts it into an efficient, report-focused database, complete with auditing and automated error-checking